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High Net Worth Divorce

Couples with substantial estates may wrestle with a variety of additional issues in their divorce cases that may be far less commonplace in cases of less complexity. “High net worth cases” are likely to involve unique executive and deferred compensation arrangements that can be challenging to appraise and divide. They may involve:

  • Financial tracing over many years’ time to defend claims of transmutation of separate property to marital.
  • Complex pre-existing estate planning arrangements and specialized trusts that can complicate a resolution.
  • Unusual tax considerations.
  • Valuation of complex business interests or professional practice arrangements, among others.

Such cases may require cooperative efforts with family offices, family financial advisors and wealth managers, and tax and estate planning advisors, so that the resolution of the divorce can involve integrated solutions for wealth management, preservation, and business succession.

We bring extensive experience with high net worth matters over many years to bear in these cases, and are known by our peers for our familiarity and skill in such matters. And, our experience in these matters helps us effectively and efficiently handle matters of less complexity.

You may wish to meet with a family law attorney in our office for a consultation to discuss your high net worth case. Please call us and we will be happy to be of assistance to you.

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