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Trial Practice

While a negotiated resolution is almost always preferable to a court order, and although most family law cases are ultimately resolved by settlement, it is not always possible to settle a family law case by agreement. As Steven Peskind, a noted Illinois practitioner, has written, “[n]ot every case can be concluded at the conference table…many families still need help from the courts.”

Our firm prides itself on its trial ability and experience. When a case must be tried, we are thorough, capable, well-prepared and preceded by a reputation for excellence. We are committed to being effective advisors to and advocates for all of our clients.

Odd as it may seem, it is often the case that the more capable an attorney is known to be in trial, the more likely the case will be settled without one. Nevertheless, all of our attorneys have completed intensive post-graduate family law trial skills training, and Cary Mogerman of our office has served for five years as a member of the faculty of the annual Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute, an intensive eight-day trial skills and advocacy training program presented in Boulder, Colorado by the American Bar Association and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

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